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Zhang Yongmou – Yiquan Park’s Living Master

Based on MasterYao Chengrong’s traditional Yiquan teaching method and Master Yu Yongnian’s modern Zhanzhuang health-preservation teaching method, Master Zhang Yongmou developed a new martial art training system, putting forward the concept of “Yiquan martial art training as a healthy lifestyle,” integrating philosophical thinking into both his health-oriented and combat-oriented students.

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My Lineage – Chinese Yiquan

My name is Song Gao (高松), I am an Yiquan/Zhanzhuang instructor, a 5th-generation Yiquan inheritor. My master is Zhang Yongmou (张勇谋), who learned Yiquan first from Master Yao Chengrong (姚承荣), son of Master Yao Zongxun (姚宗勋), and then from Master Yu Yongnian (于永年).

Yiquan Founder Wang Xiangzhai Zhanzhuang stance 2

The Origins of Yiquan & The Legendary Wang Xiangzhai

In the mid-1940’s, Wang Xiangzhai set forth a new style of boxing widely acknowledged as effective for health and self-defense. Strictly speaking, Yiquan is reformed Xingyiquan. Master Wang stripped Xingyiquan’s already minimalistic style down to its essential component – the ancient practice of Zhanzhuang. He then composed training drills for expressing Zhanzhuang’s martial power without the limitations of formwork. The result was Yiquan – a lean, streamlined quan that proved competitive and often superior to other styles.