Yiquan Story

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Zhang Yongmou – Yiquan Park’s Living Master

Based on MasterYao Chengrong’s traditional Yiquan teaching method and Master Yu Yongnian’s modern Zhanzhuang health-preservation teaching method, Master Zhang Yongmou developed a new martial art training system, putting forward the concept of “Yiquan martial art training as a healthy lifestyle,” integrating philosophical thinking into both his health-oriented and combat-oriented students.

Yiquan Founder Wang Xiangzhai Zhanzhuang stance 2

The Origins of Yiquan & The Legendary Wang Xiangzhai

In the mid-1940’s, Wang Xiangzhai set forth a new style of boxing widely acknowledged as effective for health and self-defense. Strictly speaking, Yiquan is reformed Xingyiquan. Master Wang stripped Xingyiquan’s already minimalistic style down to its essential component – the ancient practice of Zhanzhuang. He then composed training drills for expressing Zhanzhuang’s martial power without the limitations of formwork. The result was Yiquan – a lean, streamlined quan that proved competitive and often superior to other styles.