Yiquan Triangle Footsteps by Song Gao

Yiquan Triangle Footsteps by Song

This is a footwork training of Yiquan

About the instructor

I am Song GAO, Yiquan inheritor& instructor, Zhanzhuang expert in health & wellness.

I was born in 1987 and grew up in a village in China. I began professional Yiquan and Zhanzhuang training with Master Zhang Yongmou, a fourth-generation Yiquan inheritor, in 2016.

Master Zhang’s teaching method and my own effort made me a qualified teacher with 4-year training, including 3 years of assistant teaching experience in his Yiquan school. I had taught Zhanzhuang & Yiquan in Czech and Peru before teaching by instructional videos in 2020. I became a full-time teacher in 2021. 

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Popular Zhanzhuang Courses

Basic Zhanzhuang Online Course

Course Level: Beginner

This is a systematic self-study Zhanzhuang (Standing Meditation) course to develop your body and mind to a greater level. Your health condition can be improved quickly.

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Advanced Zhanzhuang Online Course

Course Level: Intermediate

This course will challenge you but provide with you a new horizon of Zhanzhuang. You may obtain quicker and further health improvement.

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Membership Plan

$ 59 Monthly
  • 2 classes every weekend
  • 8 classes in total for a month
  • All classes are recorded and shared
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Class Features

An ancient secret exercise adopted to align body and mind, enhance immunity, cure chronic diseases, etc.

Group meetings by Zoom

A live streaming setting that lets you learn the challenging standing meditation correctly and efficiently.

A global, welcoming community

Current class members are from UK, USA, Austria, Australia, Mexico, Slovenia and still expanding. 

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